The Honour’s Programme fosters excellence in staff and students. It encourages the students to beyond the curriculum, the textbook and the classroom. It challenged them to think out of the box form their own opinions, and keeps them updated with current developments in the field. It also teaches them skills needed as a professional. It gives the faculty opportunity to interact with students who are in pursuit of excellence and motivated to additional learning and share ideas on a common platform.

*Contact Honour’s Programme Co-ordinator for further details. 


The research initiatives at Montfort Institute of Advanced Studies aim to promote and disseminate knowledge in the field of mental health. We strive to conceptualize and execute research for the benefit of all mental health practitioners across all strata of our community.

With our vast experience in teaching and counsellor training, we provide consultation to various organizations, educational institutions, and counselling centres in areas of Psychology, Human Development and Management and Leadership.


Training workshops are offered on various topics like, Stress Management, Pre-marital Counselling, Life skills Training, Leadership Skills, Interpersonal and Intra personal relationship skills, etc..on request.
Montfort Insitute of Advanced Studies enocurages professional development of trainee counsellors and professional counsellors, by organizing various seminars, workshops, guest-lectures, courses, and inviting and collaborating with specialists from across the world.

Phone: 080-25284050/25283320